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Ice Ice Baby!

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Today, we tend to make you go Brrrr-r-rr–r-r-r-r! Slippery–dippery-dum, and tumble as you glide, whether you look like a pro or horse on the ice is down to you but regardless – expect nothing less than fun. To add some seasoning to what already is fantastic, some might deem, you will not be limited to how long you would want enjoy your ice skating. Hand hold Hand or be free like a bird as you twist and turn, and let your feet do the magic! Today, we at ADL will review on this deal which will enable you to do all that and it is coming from;

>>> Living SocialIce Skating All Day Long on Weekdays (RM7) or Weekends (RM12) <<<



  • Voucher is valid from 19th Jun – 29th Jul, 2012
  • Entire value must be used in a single visit
  • Weekdays Voucher : 9.00am – 8.00pm
  • Weekends Voucher : 9.00am – 10.00pm (Sat)9.00am to 8.30pm (Sun)
  • Excludes holidays
  • Socks and gloves are compulsory on ice. You can bring your own or purchase them at Sunway Pyramid Ice
  • No cash value/cash back
  • Tax and gratuity are not included
  • Entire value must be used in one visit
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion

What Do You Get:

Ice Skating All Day Long at Sunway Pyramid Ice on Weekdays worth RM15.00 (Mon – Fri : 9.00am – 8.00pm) 


Ice Skating All Day Long at Sunway Pyramid Ice on Weekends worth RM20.00 (Sat : 9.00am – 10.00pm and Sun : 9.00am – 8.30pm)

*Socks and gloves are compulsory on ice

Little need to be told that Sunway Pyramid hold the largest indoor Ice Skating Rink in Malaysia, which is also one of the most popular one among the people in Klang Valley. There are currently no other promotion with similar terms to what is being offered in this deal. You might enjoy special benefit by applying as a card member of purchase a pre-sale tickets at cheaper rate as below:-

Price Check:

This is the Admission price of Sunway Pyramid Ice:

Royal Bintang Ice skating Rink in Mutiara-Damansara:

Rental rates are as follows:

Ice Skating Rink Entry (includes skates) rates are RM22 for weekdays and RM25 for weekends and public holidays.  The rates are the same for adults and children.

Gloves are sold at RM8 per pair whilst socks are sold at RM6 per pair.

Source: Royal Bintang Ice Skating Rink

We believe these are the only two ice skating rinks available right now, with Royal Bintang Ice Skating Rink just newly open and the one at The Mines closed down ages ago.

How to go?:

Sunway Pyramid is easily accessible by any public transports.

You can check on your bus route by Clicking Here.

If you opt to take the train though, none will stop you at where you want to be. The nearest LRT station is Kelana Jaya (the last station) and KTM Subang and you’ll have to take a bus or a cab from here.

If you are driving here, Google Map will give you much assistance if you need direction. You can hardly miss Sunway Pyramid with it’s distinctive feature of exterior design. With so many parking bays available, one might think they would have an easy time finding one – Right? Wrong! It is extremely difficult to find a parking in Sunway Pyramid even on weekdays, so pray and wish for the best and hope the lady luck is on your side.



  • Can bring own gloves and socks


  • Very Short Validity Period: from 19th Jun – 29th Jul, 2012
  • Excludes holidays
  • Tax and gratuity are not included
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion

This deal does provide a great value of saving for those who would want to skate. You can save at least RM5 compare to purchasing a pre-sale tickets at RM13 and even more if you are planning to go on weekend (that also means you are bound to spend extra since the rate on weekend is much higher). Not much choice for the working adults though. One thing you can save on is by bringing your own gloves and socks. Pretty much the only choice given to you.

We mentioned choice, and yes, that’s what it is lacking in this deal. Given that Sunway Pyramid was the only place with Ice Skating Rink, you’ve got no choice but to accept whatever price being thrown at all of us just to enjoy a piece of land with ice which you can skate on. Even with Royal Bintang Ice Skating Rink now, the rate is still higher than what Sunway Pyramid Ice is offering. We thought we wouldn’t be able to say this but despite looking at the terms and seeing more cons than pros, this is still a very very good deal just on the price aspect alone. You would never be able to find an Ice Rink for you to skate on at a price of RM7.

The cons though, deserve some mentioning because some of you might not be that agreeable. First thing to take note of is that validity period, obviously it’s very short so ensure you are able to attend during that duration as there are no money back for expired vouchers. There are no major holidays during that time as well, other than Ramadhan which falls on Saturday. You will not be granted any extra charges as far as we are all concern, do tell us if it is otherwise. This put all the cons, ignorable, except the validity period.There are also chances your fun might be cut short due to the possibility of earlier closure of the Ice Rink for ice hockey training or student practice time.

With such cheap price, it is great for those who are looking to enjoy some ice skating or for those who want to try hands on. We suggest newbies to actually try rollerblading instead first though as ice skating can be quite tough if you do not have the basics in mind. But like what we do since the day we are born, we fall, we learn so nothing to be afraid of!

Considering all the aspects in a neutral point of view, we at ADL believe this is a great deal and we rate it at 4.5 stars! What are you waiting for guys, go glide!

P/S: Don’t wear any short garments!

Sunway Pyramid Ice
Level LG3, Sunway Pyramid,
No 3, Jaln PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
Petaling Jaya, 46150
Tel: 03-7494 3000
Web: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here


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