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Yum Cha @ Dim Sum Express!

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‘Yum Cha’ is no longer a foreign word to the people in Malaysia anymore as it is widely used in recent years regardless of races (not only by the Chinese). Do you know that ‘Yum Cha’ is originally known as ‘tea tasting’ which has its roots in travelers on the Ancient Silk Road resting in those teahouses established along the roadside? Since then on, that word phrase represent ‘drink tea’ or ‘hang out’ to many people even when they are not actually tea-drinking.

So, do you like to ‘Yum Cha’? Do you like ‘Dim Sum’? Have you ever wish to try them but always find yourself on the religious restriction on the consumption of pork? If yes then this might just be the deal for you but before you decide, first let us at ADL scan through this for you! Let’s take a look at;

>>> Everyday[50% OFF] 3 Dim Sum (30 Choices) + 1 Drink (12 Choices) @ Dim Sum Express (HALAL) <<<


  • Max 5 coupons per person
  • Multiple coupons per bill allowed
  • For dine-in / take away
  • First come first served basis
  • Valid daily except for Sunday & Public Holiday
  • Closed on 22nd Jan – 26th Jan 2012
  • Gov tax & service charge included
  • Valid on 6th Jan – 6th April 2012
  • 3 Dim Sum (choose 1):
    • Chicken Siew Mai
    • Mixed Vegetable Mai
    • Salted Egg Siew Mai
    • Mushroom Siew Mai
    • Seaweed Siew Mai
    • Black Pepper Siew Mai
    • Syue Kow
    • Salad Prawn
    • Japanese Mochi
    • Spicy Beancurd Roll
    • Pak Far Chicken Ball
    • Shanghai Dumpling
    • Yam Dumpling
    • Chicken Chesse Ball
    • Otak-otak Roll
    • Vietnam Spring Roll
    • Money Bag
    • Vietnam Prawn Roll
    • Chinese Pan Cake
    • Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice
    • Chicken Glutinous Rice
    • Crab Stick Roll
    • Soya Fish Roll
    • Egg Fish Roll
    • Beancurd Prawn Roll
    • San Ken Ball
    • Potato Prawn
    • Hup Poh Wan Chee
    • Raddish Cake
    • Yam Cake
  • 1 Drink (choose 1):
    • Oolong tea
    • Green Tea
    • Honey Lime
    • Wheatgrass Juice
    • Osmanthus Tea
    • Jasmine Tea
    • Classic Coffee
    • Classic Coffee with Milk
    • White Coffee
    • Teh Tarik
    • Teh ‘O’
    • Milo

Travel Option:

by dixmas

1. Take bus from JB to TBTS (Terminal Bersepadu Tasik Selatan) / Bandar Tasik Selatan.
2. Than take ERL from there and buy ticket to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya ERL station.
3. When arrive take Rapid KL bus T429 to Cyberjaya, if you cant wait, take taxi to Cyberjaya around RM10 and above.


1. Take KTM train from JB to KL Sentral.
2. Than take ERL from there and buy ticket to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya ERL station.
3. When arrive take Rapid KL bus T429 to Cyberjaya, if you cant wait, take taxi to Cyberjaya around RM10 and above.

Getting there is easy and it is even more convenient if you are going by car.

Dim Sum normally cost around RM3 to RM4.50 excluding those fried ones which can cost up to RM8 per plate. Drink choices included in this deal normally cost around RM1.50 to RM2. So does the deal really gives up to 50% discount?

We checked with the owner of the restaurant and according to him;

All dim sums are certified Halal which is a good news to those who wanna give this Chinese Cuisine a try. Dim Sums in Dim Sum Express costs around RM3.50 to RM5.00 and students (Even College students) are entitled to a 10% discount if bought without coupon.

This is their new announcement posted on their Facebook Page.

Depending on the size of your group, you will definitely need to purchase more than 1 Coupon. If you are a heavy eater, then like at any other dim sum restaurant, prepare to splash the cash and let your mouth and stomach do the rest :) since Dim Sum has become more of a luxury food nowadays compared to last time.



  • Quite a lengthy validity period
  • Allow take away
  • Allow multiple coupons purchases and redemption


  • It’s not a 50% discount as mentioned
  • Limited choices
  • Not available on public holidays, Sunday and during Chinese New Year

This is not exactly a very good deal although it does provide some savings in the end. We at ADL do not take value for food that seriously but the 50% discount mentioned is only true when you handpicked all the RM5 worth of dim sum choices and you claim the drinks cost RM5.

There are also other choices of Dim Sum which are not included in this deal, so that requires you to fork out extra money if you wish to eat anything other than the 30 choices of dim sum which is already listed for you.

This is a good alternative for non-pork eaters who wish to have a try-outs though. Do give us your food review if you had been or going there. We hope you enjoy the food at the very least.

Dim Sum Express
4803, CBD Perdana,
Lot 4803, Cyberjaya,
63000, Cyberjaya.
Tel: 0383221539 , 0193181799

At ADL, we leak, you read.

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