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Grab your Movie ticket yet?

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Watching movie has become a common activity to pass time for many people nowadays. It has become a favorite way to spend a rainy or hot day, where everyone would just prefer to sit back and enjoy the movie screen, relaxing while munching on the pop corns, spending time along with their family or friends. Not to mention it gives the group of people a common subject to talk about as well after the movie. And lucky lucky you with so many promising movies coming up, you do not want to empty your wallet or blow  a hole in your pocket just yet! We found a deal that might just save you that little extra, and this deal is from;

>>> Groupon Malaysia[Up to 38% Off] TGV Open Tickets for Any Movie. Choose 2 (RM19.50) / 10 (RM92) / 25 tickets (RM218). From only RM8.72 per ticket. Valid at 16 Outlets within Peninsular Malaysia <<<


  • Online redemption of tickets strictly between Mar 19, 2012 – Apr 1, 2012.
  • Ticket usage period: Mar 19, 2012 – May 6, 2012.
  • Movies can be watched immediately after collection or by May 6, 2012.
  • Not valid for online or phone reservations / purchases.
  • Not valid for 3D and IMAX movies; premier hall, couple seats, beanieplex, and hall bookings.
  • No refunds for expired vouchers and changes of showtimes & movie selections.
  • Tickets valid for collection 11am – 10pm daily (including public holidays).
  • May buy and use many.
  • Refer below write-up on deal page for full list of outlet addresses.
  • Valid at 16 TGV Cinemas outlets nationwide.
  • Flexible tickets for any show, any time.
  • Separate ticket counters for Groupon customers.
  • Open tickets are transferable.
  • Great as couple, family or group outing.
  • Upcoming movies include Wrath of the Titans, The Three Stooges, Battleship, and The Avengers.
  • Valid at 16 outlets nationwide.


  • 2 TGV movie tickets for RM19.50 instead of RM28 (RM9.75 each)
  • 10 TGV movie tickets for RM92 instead of RM140 (RM9.20 each)
  • 25 TGV movie tickets for RM218 instead of RM350 (RM8.72 each)

Above is the list of 16 TGV outlets nationwide. There are no other ongoing promotion from TGV and most of these places mentioned are located in a mall hence the easy accessibility is normally assured. Parking will be mostly inside the mall, so there will be spaces available for sure unless it is at a peak time or some major event is ongoing.

There are many comparison being made on TGV (Tanjung Golden Village) vs GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) though, from their services, food combos, food varieties, ticket prices, to overall comfortability and convenience in ticket purchasing. It’s a tight comparison too considering this two cinema giants locking horn pitching against each other for so long, some areas GSC excel while another TGV performs better.  Whichever it is, today’s deal is on TGV and we are sure they will serve you professionally and hope to give you the best viewing experience.



  • Ticket Usage Period is quite good considering that there are some really good movies on screen during the period of Mar 19, 2012 – May 6, 2012
  • Movies can be watched immediately after collection or by May 6, 2012
  • May buy and use many
  • Valid at 16 TGV Cinemas outlets nationwide
  • Flexible tickets for any show, any time.
  • Separate ticket counters for Groupon customers.
  • Open tickets are transferable


  • Short Redemption Period: Mar 19, 2012 – Apr 1, 2012
  • Not valid for online or phone reservations / purchases
  • No refunds for expired vouchers and changes of showtimes & movie selections

Considering that no reservation can be made, be sure to get your tickets in advance and get there early especially if you are watching in a large group. You can also choose some not so crowded outlet like TGV 1 Shamelin and TGV Cheras Selatan as your preferred hassle-free choice.  Other than that, we at ADL firmly believe that this deal is really good for any movie-goers which allow any of you to save up even a little on the price of the movie tickets. You would also save much more as a group if you are going there in a big gang of friends or family or multiple different trip for different movies. There are certain TGV outlets that sell their ticket price at RM13 each rather than Rm14 that is stated in the deal but not many. And given that GSC’s ticket prices are around RM9 to RM12 for normal screening and RM11 to RM15 for some of those really hot/blockbuster movies, this deal does save you that extra penny. Good upcoming movies like Battlefield, Wrath of Titans and Avengers which have been causing so much hype – this deal just gives you more reason to watch it in the cinema.

Hope we successfully alerted you on this deal. Do continue to give us your support as they mean so much to us. We have a nice contest with great prizes to giveaway, so stay tuned and Like us on Facebook if you haven’t done so and do join us in our Forum. Thanks for reading.

TGV Cinemas
Valid at 16 outlets
Tel: 03-2381 3535
Facebook : Click Here
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