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Steamboat + BBQ + Ala Carte + Buffet!!!!?

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Buffet might be considered as a luxury option for many but it is also one that would satisfy one’s crave for certain food up to the maximum satisfaction. Buffet has also become an attractive option to those who always wonder what they wanna eat as the variety of food available would mean you got more choices to choose from. While heavy eaters get to enjoy their food without any worry of running out of share for themselves or the others, food lovers get to enjoy a different taste of food or enjoy some rare dishes which you might not normally find at some local food chain restaurant. Buffet started off when one restaurant adopted a theme (Japanese or Western etc.), but it has since grown so much and there are more restaurant now offering multiple different themes at one go, offering wide variety of cuisine. You might have heard of a Japanese ala carte buffet, then the normal buffet steamboat or BBQ buffet in fact, today’s deal features all that combined and this deal is coming from;

>>> ILoveDiscount40% Off – RM29.90 for A La Carte + Steamboat + BBQ buffet + Free Flow of Drinks & Ice-Cream (Originally RM49.90)
Vouchers Valid Until 10th July 2012 <<<


Valid From 10th Apr 2012 Until 10th Jul 2012
  • Buy and redeem as many as you like.
  • Redemption hours:
    • Mon-Fri:
      • 9am – 6pm
      • 6pm – 8pm
      • 8:30pm – 10:30pm
    • Sat-Sun:
      • 1pm – 3pm
      • 3:30pm – 5:30pm
      • 6pm – 8pm
      • 8:30pm – 10:30pm
  • Prior booking required. Call 03-9131 5292 for reservations.
  • Voucher valid for dine-in only.
  • Food wastage penalties apply at RM10 for every 100g of wastage.
  • No outside food allowed.
  • Free for children below 90cm, RM19.90 for children aged 12 years or below.
  • No last minute add-on reservations.
  • Vouchers are non-refundable nor redeemable for cash/products.
  • Not valid with other promotions.
  • Vouchers are transferable.
  • One voucher entitles you a one-time redemption.
  • Printed voucher(s) required upon redemption.
  • Expired vouchers will not be extended.
  • Vouchers will be forfeited if customers do not show without prior cancellation/rescheduling min. 1 day in advance.
  • Steamboat, Barbeque and A-la-Carte Buffet
    Eat till you drop at Nelayan Village!
  • Plenty of Choices
    Nelayan Village offers a wide range of foods which will please anyone’s taste
  • Free Flow of Drinks and Desserts
    Enjoy a free flow of drinks and ice-cream to your heart’s content.

Using TRADITIONAL CHARCOAL STEAMBOATS for more flavor, enjoy the various foods offered below:

  • Soup Types: Sugar Cane, Tom Yam, Sup Tulang (Beef)
  • Wide Variety of Fresh Seafood
  • Vegetables
  • 10 – 15 Different Types of Fish Balls
  • Noodles
  • 8-Types of Sauces
  • Free Flow of Iced Lemon Tea and Orange Juice
  • Free Flow of Ice-Cream, Fruits & Dessert

As for the BARBEQUE and ALA-CARTE buffet, examples of the dishes available are as below:

  • Dried Chicken Prawn
  • Dried Prawn Cooked Crab (Kam Heong Crab)
  • Curry Chicken
  • Chilli Beef
  • Thai-Styled Petai
  • Claypot Tofu
  • Mango Salad
  • Pandan Chicken
  • Fried Seafood
  • Prawn Kebabs
  • Special Fried Vegetables

FREE FLOW of drinks and desserts include:

  • Iced lemon tea
  • Orange juice
  • Ice cream (flavours including strawberry, chocolate, yam, butterscotch, vanilla and chocolate stripe) and other desserts.

There are currently no other ongoing promotion  other than this deal. Similar deal had been given out before by Groupon at the same price and the reception is pretty good. Accessibility is easy and you can basically find any public transport (except train) to send you right there. Parking will be a breeze as there are many prepared in the basement of the shopping Mall or you can try your luck finding one outside but it will normally be occupied fully and you might need to make a turn to find one. Traffic wise, try to avoid it at peak hours. Even at night, that place might be busy and crawling with cars delaying you to your destination a little bit and we only say this as it might troubles you.



  • Buy and redeem as many as you like.
  • Free for children below 90cm, RM19.90 for children aged 12 years or below.
  • Lengthy Validation date: 10th Apr 2012 Until 10th Jul 2012
  • Vouchers are transferable.


  • Theres a food penalty at RM10 for every 100g of wastage.
  • No last minute add-on reservations.
  • Vouchers will be forfeited if customers do not show without prior cancellation/rescheduling min. 1 day in advance.

We at ADL actually believe this to be quite a good deal as it does provide a substantial saving of RM20 (RM29.90 instead of RM49.90). Also considering that most steamboat buffet costs at least RM15 to Rm25, and with the food being offered by Nelayan Village and some of the good reviews made by the bloggers complimenting them, this deal can really allow you save and enjoy good food altogether.

Well, impressed yet? Give it a try and let us know how you find the food and services there. We would definitely love to hear from you. Hope you find today’s review helpful, and don’t forget to give us a LIKE on Facebook and join our contest to grab a chance on our fancy prizes!

Nelayan Village
KLC Venture S/B (Nelayan Village),
A-16, Block A,Sunway Giza,
2, Jalan PJU 5/14, PJU 5,
Kota Damansara,, Petaling Jaya, 47810 Selangor.
Tel: 361512171
Web: Click Here

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